How-To Disable Daytime Running Lights (DRL's)

1.) You will need to remove the small panel on the drivers' side dash

2.) Close up of the panel

3.) Take a flat head screw driver, and lightly 'pop' out the panel.

4.) Take the panel off completely so you are able to access the wiring inside.

5.) Look closely in the back area, you will see a wiring harness with two wires coming out of it, you can see the tan wire in this picture. (Click on photo for close up). Disconnect that wiring harness (it is just snapped into the metal heat sink - that's the ridged metal peice you see in the back)

6.) This is the wiring harness disconnected. Just push the wiring into an 'out of place' area behind your dash there, and you're done.

7.) Close up of heat sink with wiring harness disconnected. Now, put the dash panel back into place.

8.) Now sit back and enjoy your newly disabled DRL's!!