1.) Subject's car

2.) The old open cone intake

3.) All the parts that come with the MSP cold air intake
4.) Clips that hold the PCM tray in place

5.) The PCM tray

6.) The housing for the cold air intake

Not pictured: Remove the fender brace bar 7.)Remove the old intake or the factory airbox.

8.) Insert the bottom of PCM mounting tray. Use the clips in picture 4 to hold it in place

9.) Place the PCM into the bottom of the PCM mounting tray. Place to top on, and screw it into place

10.) Be sure that the PCM is in tight and not rattling around.

11.) This is what the filter will look like in the housing

12.) Place the duct onto the throttle body. You can put some oil on the inside lip of the duct to make it easier to put on.

13.) Place the filer and housing into place.

14.) A closeup of where the duct should connect to the filter

15.) Connect the duct to the filter.

16.) This is what it should look like when you're done