PCV installation

***Note - The GT PCV installation instructions are different than a GTP's***

Start out with a new PCV valve

The red circle denotes where the PCV valve can be found on a GT (L36 engine - 3800 Series II NON-supercharged)

Gently pull off the top wiring harness/connector

The casing you see here can be removed by turning it counterclockwise and then it will 'unlatch' and easily be removed

Removing the casing along with the spring

PCV valve sitting in the engine

Take a pair of pliers and gently pull out the PCV valve straight up

Remove the rubber gasket from the PCV valve (this is reusable, so make sure you keep it)

Rubber gasket is removed

Throw away the old PCV valve

The new PCV valve

Place the reusable rubber gasket onto the new PCV valve

Reinsert the PCV valve into position gently

Place the casing back on and twist it so that it latches again

Replace the wiring harness/connector back into place and then you're done.


These instructions are specific to the '97+ Pontiac Grand Prix GT, there is a different set of instructions for the '97+ Grand Prix GTP.