How-To - Thermostat Swap

******* WARNING!!!!!! To be performed on a COLD engine ONLY! *********

1.) Open up your hood and remove the engine cover.

2.) This is what it should look like with no engine cover (on a GT, a GTP will have a supercharger on top of that black plastic intake)

3.) Here is a close up of where the t-stat is located

4.) Use a 10mm socket and remove the two bolts holding in the t-stat housing. On the 'left' bolt, you will just need to remove a wiring harness attatched to the bolt by pulling it off lightly.

5.) Once you have removed the two 10mm bolts, the t-stat housing is now free and you can move it to the side to access the thermostat. Becareful, about 1/4 cup of coolant pours out during this process.

6.) Either by hand, or with a pair of pliers, gently pull out the thermostat. It may require a little bit of pressure to 'pop' it out of the housing.

7.) New Thermostat on left. Old thermostat on right. If you notice on the old t-stat, there's a black round rubber o-ring on it. You will need to remove that and place it onto the new t-stat.

8.) T-stat & o-ring close up

9.) O-ring close up

10.) New t-stat on left with original o-ring on it

11.) Place the new t-stat with the o-ring on it back into the t-stat housing.

12.) Place the radiator hose back on to the t-stat, and reverse the procedures to bolt the t-stat back into place.

13.) the engine for about 15 minutes to warm it up to proper temperature. Take a peice of towel, and a flat head screwdriver and bleed the air out of the system. To do this, on top of the radiator hose at the t-stat, you'll see a little brass valve. Place the towel over it, and then slightly turn the valve counter clockwise with the screwdriver. When only coolant is coming out, you can then close the valve again. Make sure to have the towel there so that the coolant doesn't shoot up at you!! Also, don't forget to top off the coolant.