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Open your hood, and you'll see the oil fill plug.

Remove the oil fill plug to allow all oil to drain completely under the car.

Oil fill plug removed

Just another shot of underneath the car

Replace the drain plug and tighten with the socket wrench.



Reach up by the front passenger wheel and unscrew the oil filter. Caution: This may be hot also. Oil will come pouring out as you start loosening the filter, be prepared with the drain pan below.


Once you have removed the oil filter, place it on top of your drain pan and let the rest of the oil drain out. Clean up any oil spilled using an old rag


Allow the oil to finish draining completely.

Take your new oil filter, and use your finger to cover the new gasket with new oil, this will help seal the filter when it is installed.

Screw the new filter in place of the old one. Do not over tighten it.

Place a funnel into the oil fill hole.

Pour 4 1/2 quarts of oil into the engine.

Let the oil filter finish draining.

Use the dipstick and check the oil level after running the engine for 5 minutes and then shutting it off.

Oil should read FULL. If not, add a little more oil until it's full.