1.) A view of the brand new PCV valve

2.) The red circle shows where the PCV valve is located on a GTP

3.) Closeup of the plate covering the PCV valve. Note, plate is imprinted with "PCV".

4.) Loosen both bolts on the cover using 10mm wrench. Remove cover; you may need to lightly tap on it.

5.) Removing cover exposes the spring. Remove spring, remembering which side is up.

6.) Using pliers, gently pull up to remove PCV valve.

7.) Take reusable rubber gasket off old PCV valve. Pictured left to right: new PCV valve, gasket, old PCV valve.

8.) Place rubber gasket on new PCV valve. Throw away old PCV valve.

9.) Carefully insert new PCV valve.

10.) Not pictured: Place spring on top. Reattach cover plate and make sure bolts are snug. You're done.