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1.) Levoc shifter (hardware not pictured).

2.) Put key in ignition and place shifter in 1st gear. Now you have easy access to the knob's retainer pin (circled in RED).

3.) Use a screwdriver to carefully remove pin.

4.) Open center console and remove the liner.

5.) Open cupholders and use a screwdriver to carefully pry up shifter trim.

6.) Pop up seat heater switch and drop through the hole.

7.) Gently pry up the shifter trim and place aside.

8.) Trim has been removed, exposing the shifter assembly. Unclip shifter assembly-- there are two clips, one in front and one in back. (One is circled in RED.)

9.) Shifter assembly unclipped. This exposes the light bulb (circled in RED). Unhook the light bulb by twisting the plug.

10.) Underneath, on the driver's side, is the performance shift plug. It is held in place by a clip. You either need to unplug this (which I found really difficult) or remove the clip. I removed the clip (pictured), which gave the wire enough slack to work with.

11.) Either way, you'll eventually need to cut the wire. Before doing so, you may want to disconnect the battery. But you should be fine if the key is not in the ON position (DIC not lit up). Cut the wire, making sure you have enough to work with. After cutting the wire, remove the stock knob.

12.) Strip the performance shift wires about 1/4" and attach red (18-22 gauge) butt connectors. You may want to cover them with electrical tape or heat shrink tubing.


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