2009 Cheesesteak Run
Philly Cheesesteak Run
Saturday, April 11, 2009
If you live in the PA, NJ, DE, NY etc area and don't want to join the cruise (or want to set up your own), just meet at Tony Luke's around 2:00pm.
Tony Luke's Website. There is an outside restaurant where you order from a window, or there is a sit-down restaurant with servers. I recommend the outside restaurant. There is lots of parking next to the sit-down restaurant.
*Burnouts, loud music and/or any kind of disruptive behavior in the parking lot will not be tolerated. Tony Luke's is cool with us being there but we don't want to be asked to leave. Just act civilized.
*If you donít have Easy Pass, catch up to the group later or just run through the toll and pay the fine (itís like $20). We canít wait for you on the side of the highway.
*Please print your own directions (even if you have GPS!). We canít, and wonít, be held responsible if you canít keep up with the group or if you get lost.
*Please drive responsibly. The food will be just as tasty regardless of how fast you get up there.
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Greetings and Welcome to Mid-Atlantic Club Grand Prix!
We are pleased to tell you that after a long hiatus, our website is finally in the process of being updated!! I know we've all been eager to get this project underway. Drew Stevenson will be our new MACGP Webmaster and will handle all site updates so please send him any information you would like posted on the page regarding news, club functions, events, etc.
MACGP has gone through some administrative changes over the past year as well. We would like to welcome Matt Pardoe as our new MACGP President. Matt P was appointed President of MACGP in June 2007 by former President Tim Chin. Matt has been a part of MACGP since 2002 and is located in Kirkwood, Delaware . Taking over the Vice Presidency from Chris Cattie is Matt Sunner. Matt S has been a part of MACGP since 2005 and is located in Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania (just outside of Philadelphia). I'd like to take a moment to thank Tim & Chris for all of their hard work and time over the years. It is with their effort that MACGP has remained a strong and positive club for Grand Prix and other W-Body owners in the Philadelphia Area to be a part of. We wish all the best to Tim & Chris with their new vehicles and we hope to continue to see them at MACGP events!
We have some great events planned for our members this year so please be sure to check out our events page for all of the upcoming mod days, race days, car shows, dinners, etc. We'll also make sure that these events are posted on the home page as well!
Our Members Page is currently being updated with all of our new member's photos and vehicle information. PLEASE SEND YOUR INFORMATION to webmaster@macgp.com. Rest assured that we are going to be working extremely hard on this project as we want to showcase all of our member's cars since I know many of us take a lot of pride in the hard work we've put into our cars. We would like to have a Members Page for MACGP members who still currently own a Grand Prix or GM W-Body vehicle. For those who used to have a Grand Prix/W-Body, DON'T THINK WE'VE FORGOTTEN ABOUT YOU! MACGP would like to continue to recognize members who still are a part of this club by having a second page for members who have switched to other vehicles. Being a part of MACGP doesn't end when you no longer have a Grand Prix! We always strive to have our member's continued support and participation at all club functions!

MACGP top 5 1/4 mile times

Do you have what it takes to be on here?

Name 1/4 mile ET Speed
1.) John Tsimaras 11.177 sec ts 123.05 mph
2.) Carl Hreha 12.28 sec 111 mph
3.) Scott DiVento 12.682 sec 107.72 mph
4.) Chris Cattie 12.880 sec ts 104.34 mph
5.) Jeff McDonald 13.008 sec 101.27 mph

See full list on the racing page


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